MemeFall para Android

De Tiago Gonçalves @TiagoTweeta
às 19:52:32 d 31/03/2014

MemeFall para Android


Version 0.51 11-01-2012 <- FIRST PUBLIC BETA VERSION
  • Fix´d Preferences bug
  • Started implementation of In-Game Music
  • Started implementation of More Space betwen the walls on the lower leves.

Version 0.61 16-01-2012 
  • Fixed GameOver, LevelCompleted screens, Change pacfalling to memefall (previous game name), and other graphical changes (Prettier)
  • Change Private BETAVERSION to Public Version, and other graphical changes (Prettier)
  • Fixed, some text on the How to play screen.
  • In-Game music added.
  • Added button´s on the preferences menu, to enable/disable in game music and vibration.
  • The game Caracter shoud change acording to the position in the screen ( MeGusta on the bottom, FUUUu RAGE on the top, Challenge Accepted in the middle)
  • Improvements in the database system.
  • Simplify database System.
  • Started, How To Play Part2
  • Portuguese support Improved
  • Added early suport for bigger screens (up to 1280px by 580px [Aprox])
  • Added a Story Screen

Version 0.62 17-01-2012 
  • Performance Tweeks (hero positioning)
  • Din4mic registed as a developer in Android market
  • Improved About Screen
  • Performance Tweeks (Colision checks)
  • Added In game button to stop/start the music
  • MenuScreen Improved in difrent resolutions
  • SplashScreen recreated ( Without using Thread´s as it didin´t work with Android 4.0 (ICS) ) 
  • StoryScreen Improved in difrent resolutions
  • HowToPlayScreen Fixed!
  • Added a Type3 Wall to bigger screens, improved map generator system.

Version 0.63 18-01-2012 
  • Bug FIXED, music activation on the preferences screen, only work´s if vibration is also on! 
  • Benchmark Fixed (Now, return to the options menu after win or loss, and dont store the result in the database)
  • Backkey working in menu
  • Fixed SplashScreen bug
  • Better coin placement system (Split the coins more uniformely throw the game).
  • Fix backKey Problem on preferences Screen
  • Allow the game moveToSD!

Version 0.64 20-01-2012
  • Preferences Screen improved, margins on the seekbar and buttons
  • New HUD colors, and minor change in background to make them more visible.
  • Slower gameplay to faster gpu phones (Early development)

Version 0.70 24-01-2012 
  • Popup if the highest score was betten on the gameover Screen
  • Global Score screen added 
  • Reset Button added to preferences screen
  • SubmitScore if is the higherScore to din4mic added "Create a ShareScore Funcionality"
  • In-Game Speed ajusted by benchmark result
  • BD Improved (more tables)
  • Other Minor fix´s

Version 0.71 25-01-2012 
  • Improved SendScore screen
  • Massivly improved Menu Screen ( Works perfecly in all screen sizes now )
  • Custom buttons early implementation 
  • Added about button on prefences screen
  • Added Donate button on about screen
  • New splashScreen

Version 0.72 26-01-2012 
  • BD bug´s fixed, including "DATABASE BUG!, must create the database in the first time the user play or in the preferences screen ( in the preferences screens is already there, but it need to be updated )"
  • Continuation of custom buttons implementation
  • Player highscore on the send score page
  • New system to keep the screen on in-game
  • Minor bug´s fixed

Version 0.73 29-01-2012 
  • In game lateral colisions improved
  • Begining the study of a level selector
  • Lowered vibration pattern
  • Added gravity (unless you turn the phone upside down, it will allways fall)

Version 0.74 31-01-2012 
  • New Buttons
  • Better Obstacles (walls) X positioning system

Version 0.75 1-02-2012
  • Added send feedback "hidden" button in the menu Screen
  • Fixed send score to din4mic (Now, you can send one score per device)

Version 0.80 03-02-2012 
  • Massive GamePlay Update:
  • Added faster and slower GamePlayBox´s
  • Added killer NyanCat´s (evil bastards)
  • Some colision-system changes
  • Added Background to menu, preferences, and about screens.
  • All Game Screns are now FullScreen to give more in-game consistency.

Version 0.81 04-02-2012
  • Added background to sendScore e higherscores screens
  • Added title to higherscores screen
  • Added full Portuguese support (Except images due to game size)
  • Fixed out of screen bug
  • Fixed stuck on top bug
  • Code organized
  • Minor fix´s

Version 0.82 04-02-2012
  • Prompt the player on the first time playing, to run the benchmark
  • Better "slowdown"/"speedup" method for faster/slower phones
  • Minor fix´s

Version 0.83 05-02-2012 
  • New menu background and some layout changes
  • Support to lower resolutions screens

Version 0.84 05-02-2012
  • WallSpacing acording to level (Make more space betwin the walls in the lower leves. )
  • New Benchmark System with full Portuguese Support
  • Fixed auto finish game ( some phones, when you start the map, it jumps to the end )

Version 0.85 05-02-2012 
  • Improved Global Score System
  • Visual identification on your score in the list ( if your score is on the top 25 )

Version 0.86 06-02-2012 
  • Improved dificulty by spacing walls acording to level
  • Improved gameSpeed ajustment based on acelerometer
  • Fixed 1º Execution on the preferences screen
  • Some useless code cleaning

Version 0.87 07-02-2012 
  • Better virate on colision system
  • Fall speed inscrese without colisions 
  • Center AdMob on GameOver and LevelCompleted screens
  • Improved About Screen
  • Better Plataform spacing system
  • Full suport on tablets
  • Fixed scores screen (Score didint appear)
  • Fixed Colision System (no more stucking plataforms)
  • New vibration system
  • Added sound effects
  • Better colision dedector system
  • Other minor fix´s

Subtimeted BlackBerry Playbook Verson for aprovement
(Based on Verson 0.87) Cost 1.99$ and Ad-free 07-02-2012 18h

Version 0.88 07-02-2012 
  • More speed as the levels inscrease
  • Better nyan´s distribuition in game
  • More speed on biggerscreens
  • More side space for the hero fall

Verson 0.90 09-02-2012
  • New level Selector Screen! ( EARLY BETA )
  • Fixed some spacing issues
  • Fixed Side Colisions ( ------------------ FIXED? ------------------ )
  • Improved Plataform creation system based on screen resolution
  • Created a separated configurations system (To future modifications )
  • Scroll on the Prefences Screen
  • Better Nyan Placement System
  • Level Rank Implementation (Started)

Verson 0.91 to 0.95 09-02-2012 to 10-02-2012
  • Continuation of Level Selector Implementation and Level Rank Implementation

Verson 0.96 10-02-2012
  • New level Selector Finished
  • Added better plataforms distribuition
  • New Plataforms Draws
  • Improved feedback from colisions (sound and vibration)
  • Level Rank Implementation Finished
  • Improved Story Screen
  • A lot of other minor fix´s

Verson 1.00 10-02-2012 
  • Speed ajustments 
  • Release on Android Market

Verson 1.01 10-02-2012 
  • Fixed portuguese rank text in LevelCompleted screen
  • Fixed force close due to audio NullPointerException

Verson 1.01A 11-02-2012 <- ALFA VERSION
  • Change drawing mode from pixeis to density
  • Fixed language bug
  • Improved plataforms positioning system.

Verson 1.1 16-02-2012
  • Massively Improved colision system
  • Improved sound support, Added "background story" (sky, dark light, light)
  • Improved gameplay on HighDensity screens (GS2, ZTE Blade, ...)
  • Better gameSpeed
  • And other minor improvements...

Verson 1.12 25-02-2012 <- CURRENT PUBLIC VERSION
  • Fixed some miswrote words (Uploaded in the alert box on gameOver)
  • Here to Where in How to play 1
  • Number of scores displayed in alter box ( from 25 to 50 )
  • Some changes with the ads system (Added ads to the levelSelector screen, but only if the screen height is at least 480px)
  • Some layout improvements on the levelselector screen
  • Fixed a sendscore bug
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